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~ the powerful path to inner peace ~

Participants, group meditation course

“This is absolutely the best meditation I've ever done and been a part of, wow! What an experience!"
Frida Augustsson, Pausfrid

Healing ​~ Art of vibration ~

If you want to change and improve your life - and really start living - this is where you should start!


Based on several years of experience of working with powerful tools, I have found effective ways that quickly give results. It is you and your deeper, perhaps long-sought, desire for life that will be our starting point in the conversations. Along the way, I help you to find your own strategies to take these valuable pauses, reflect, find your direction in life and focus and become more consciously present in your everyday life and life in general. During our conversations, life unfolds in absolutely fantastic ways and you are guided towards your inner peace. 


Through complete presence, I have the ability to make a difference, touch and create impact. Based on the response I have received over the years, I can say with pride and humility for the inner process, that this really touches hearts.

SEK 950 per session, 60-70 min. Face to face or online.

Curious or want to book? Call 0762-298389 or send an email

60 min, 1050 kr. På plats Borås, Hestra / Distans

BOKA: "Samtal"

Nyfiken eller vill boka? Du kan också ringa 0762-298389 eller maila mig

PAUSFRID, healing Art of vibrations
Healing ~ Art of vibrations ~

You come and participate just as you are, lay down comfortably and just receive, in individual- or in group sessions. In a unique way, I work and guide completely intuitively with what is carried in the depth of the moment. Through vibrations in sound, voice and in music, in silence and stillness, magic is created ~ Healing art of vibrations ~.


You are supported in your journey inwards, in hearing and listening to this fantastic depth that you carry within you - an incredibly beautiful depth of life.


With full presence in the moment, I have the ability to really make a difference, touch and create impact.

Curious or want to book? Ring0762-298389 or email me

PAUSFRID Frida Augustsson Samtal som på djupet förändrar ACT terapi ljudterapi meditation ljusfrekvenshealing healing art of vibrations healing i borås light frequency healing colour therapy healing sound healing frequency healing den kraftfulla vägen till inre frid

Individuella session 1:1

Efter stunden får du värdefull återkoppling som kan ge fler nycklar och ytterligare fördjupning till själva stunden.

60 min, 750 kr. Distans.

80 min, 950 kr. På plats, Borås, Hestra.

Efteråt samtal vi över en kopp te och sluter stunden.

BOKA: "Healing Art Of Vibrations"


på plats hos mig / hos dig / centrala Borås

Jag håller privata grupper om ca 4 personer eller fler, eller efter egna önskemål. Låt oss prata vidare, så hittar vi något klockrent för just er och ett förmånligt pris för dig som bokar en grupp!

70 min. 400 kr/person (eller pris enligt överenskommelse).

BOKA: 0762-298389 eller

Frida Augustsson, PAUSFRID
Kontakt / Bokning
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