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~ The Roots of Pausfrid ~

Pausfrid Frida

Everything flows and weaves together, becomes one.


After years of training, practicing and learning, I leave the physical form for a greater purpose. From now on I am led onward by my mentors and guides, on earth and beyond, who continue to teach, educate and lead me forward into refined wisdom.


I am humbly grateful for the path I am called to follow.

Frida Augustsson,


Frida Augustsson, break-free
Healing ~ art of vibrations ~

Everything around us, in us, everything that we are and every thing in the universe are is made up of vibrating atoms. Every atom consists of a nucleus with neutrons and protons at the center and electrons which spin rapidly around the nucleus. The spinning motion of the electrons initiate a pulse, which creates a wave. And this wave we perceive with our human perception as form of physical matter.

Whenever pulse, wave, and form are present, there is vibrations.


~ Healing art of vibrations ~ was shown to me and is still unfolding, limitless, waves of sound and waves of silence. In this I stand, fully present, when you come to me.


Graduated in ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy, advanced education 2019-2020).

Svenska Psykologiinstitutet, Stockholm. One of the country's most respected ACT education and lecturers have been play psychologists and psychotherapists, doctoral students and researchers from, among others. Karolinska Institute and Karolinska Hospital.

Meditation training - Guiding and management for groups and individuals (2016-2020)

Private education, trainers who today are my mentor in my further work. The training has included the teachings of meditation, its foundations and techniques and what role meditation has for our health and for our lives. Advanced education in, among other courses, the power of our thoughts, mental training, affirmation and visualization techniques, as well as advanced education in healing, our chakras, energy reading, working with energy blockages, kinesiology (to perform tests).

Certified Healing Sound Ceremony facilitator & Sound Healer (year-long education, 2022).

Master of Business Administration, majoring in leadership & organizational development (2009-2013).

With advanced study of how the leader's thoughts, values and opportunity for reflection develop leadership and support the leader when faced with challenging and critical situations in the professional role.

Frida Augustsson, break day
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