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PAUSFRID den kraftfulla vägen till inre frid


~ the powerful path to inner peace ~

Peter in a private conversation during a leadership course,

project manager at larger companies in Gothenburg

"Frida is very good at what she does and more people should be able to take part in her fine way of conveying her knowledge."
PAUSFRID Lunch-Paus Högkvalitativ återhämtning Frida Augustsson

​~ Lunch Pause ~ 

Treatment & education in effective recovery

I treat and teach your employees in the art of active recovery and teach them to master their inner peace. They come as they are and will be directed to actively shift focus inward. They will also receive tools that they can use directly to apply valuable micro-pauses in their everyday life. Afterwards, they can return to work with a clearer mind, less stress and increased focus for the rest of the day.

Provide your employees with an education for life and work effectively to reduce stress and prevent mental illness!


  • 45-60 minutes, depending on your time frame
    Several sessions may be booked for increased effect.

  • Studies show that the return of investment may be 4-5 five times the value invested.

Curious and want to hear more? Don't hesitate to call or email me 0762-298389 with no conditions in post.

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Frida Augustsson,



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